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Everyone has things that they can’t live without, or at least wouldn’t want to so here are a few things that I would defiantly want with me on a desert island.

Keurig Coffee Maker

I have had this particular machine since I was a Freshman in College, I start almost every morning with it and it has got me through many early mornings, exams and Ahem, hangovers.

So why is this coffee machine so great?  Glad you asked!  It uses individual “K” cups to brew the coffee, so  you get a fresh cup every time and it literally takes seconds- instant caffeine gratification! There’s hundred of flavors plus, tea’s and hot chocolates Mmmm so good! I’ve never met a flavor I didn’t like and for the quality/taste its defiantly worth the (small) investment!  Also, I know some of you “green” people are thinking, that’s a lot of waste with all those K cups.  They have that covered too, there is a reuseable K cup that you can refill with grounds of your choice.

The Keurig!

The K cup stash

Misto Olive Oil Sprayer

I love this thing! Rather than purchasing a can of cooking spray with all sorts of additives you can just fill this baby up with olive oil (or any oil of your choice) give it a few pumps and your on you way to an even application of EVOO! Not only does it work great, it’s also quite handsom and has a prized piece of real estate on my kitchen counter.

Crossroads Candles Buttered Maple Syrup Scent

Good gracious these candles are possibly the best smelling things my olfactory system has had the pleasure of smelling.  Once lit your entire house will instantly smell like breakfast- no joke. I first time I lit one D actually asked me what I was cooking because the house smells so good.  I plan to test other scents, but for now this is the winner in my book!

I didn’t realize this at first but I mentioned having these items with me on a desert island, I just pictured what that would look like…. I will be drinking coffee, greasing muffin tins and sending out smoke singnals with my candle.

These of course are only a few things that I can’t live without, more to come!

What’s on your desert island list??