The snow in our backyard is so high that Mr. Colt can see over the fence!

I couldn’t resist, he is just so cute!


I almost didn’t realize today was Wednesday due to our snow, somehow snow propels me into some kind of type warp.

Anyone else??

So D is a dedicated blog-reader to a sports-random news and ass-n-titties blog.

Recently he read about something called chat roulette.

(Anything with the word roulette gets my immediate attention)

This is a very simple concept, all you need is a webcam.

DISCLOSURE:  There are some sicko’s on there beating their meat, so watch out

So, during blizzard #1 we decided to try it out, since we had nothing better to do since we were stuck at home.

But we needed to make this interesting, so we decided it would be a great idea for D to wear his Halloween costume which was a Gumby suit!

This was the only screen shot that we were able to get, sadly.

The highlight of this conversation was when the little lady said her name was Liv, and Gumby asked her if that was short for livin it up.   Classic!

So if you are snowed in or have nothing to do, give it a try you will get a laugh!

Well we are again faced with record-breaking snow, so what does that mean?

Yes, you guessed it!

Cook your ass off!

So without further ado, I give you…

Chicken Pesto Fettucini.


  • About 2 cups of Shredded Chicken (I made a whole cut up chicken in the slow cooker during blizzard #1 using Erin from 5$ Dinners cooking tutorial.  Thanks, Erin! )
  • I box of Penne Pasta (bought on sale, of course!)
  • I jar of Fettuccine sauce*
  • I small jar (4ish ounces) Pesto*

*If i wasn’t completely and utterly exhausted from shoveling and I had the ingredients I might have made these myself*

Side Items:

  • I loaf of bread
  • Some roasted grape tomatoes would be great, but alas, we didn’t have any   But if  YOU do, put tomatoes in a pan, with olive oil, salt+pepper, and garlic. Put over medium-ish heat and let them soften up, then use a potato masher to pop them and just let them hang out while the rest of the meal finishes cooking.

*Typically I would serve some veggies with dinner, BUT we were runnin a little low in the fresh produce dept. AND we are carb-loading for snow-excavation! *

Assemble your ingredients:

Get some H2O boiling!

The chicken is already cooked, so cooking the pasta is the most labor intenstive part of the recipe!

(If by chance you didn’t have 2 cups of shredded chicken laying around now you could poach some chicken and shred. 😉

While your waiting for the water to boil put your shredded chicken in a skillet and dump pesto in there and stir!

Once water is boiling, dump pasta and cook to al dente, about 12 minutes.

Toss, well maybe tossing isn’t a good idea- Put a loaf of bread in the oven to toast it up a bit

So now you have some free time on your hands!

FIT TIP: Do some exercises in your kitchen!  A few curls with that jar of fettuccini that you haven’t opened yet is perfect!

This may sound strange, but what the heck else would you have used those few minutes for?

Now I KNOW some of you are thinking. Umm Liz a 16oz jar isn’t exactly sweat-inducing.

And your right, but try doing 50 or so and get back to me, you won’t be sweating, but your arms will thank you.

Also use this time for pouring yourself a glass of wine, you deserve it!

BACK  TO THE RECIPE! (I’m sorry I go off on A LOT of tangents!)

Dump Pasta in strainer and return to pot.

Add your chicken+pesto mixture into pasta and give it a stir.

Pour in your jar of fettuccini sauce. or if your an over-achiever, or Rachel Ray pour your hommmade sauce right on in there!

Stir til it looks well mixed.

Get your loaf of bread out of the oven.

(Use oven mitts Trust me on this one!)


This made enough for 2 dinners for D and myself, and we are not shy when it comes to pasta!

**If you don’t devour your entire loaf of bread use it the next day to make some french toast, for some reason Italian bread makes the best french toast**

Since we are currently experiencing the largest snowfall in this area in the modern era (new’s description). I will share with you what it is like…

We have milk and bread.  Check.

(I was lucky enough to be able to get lactose-free milk, not typically on my list, but it was either that or buttermilk)

More importantly we have beer, wine and snacks. Double Check.

I beleive that my body is preparing for hibernation I have a whole chicken roasting and I am gobbeling up monkey bread as i type (maybe that’s why my fingers are sticking to the keys).

Anyway, long story short. There is a shit-ton of snow and only more coming.

I am taking many pictures to document so I can tell future generations about this epic event.

We haven’t gone stir crazy quite yet, but give it time.

I leave you with a few pictures of Mr. Colt working on a backyard tunneling system …

He is actually inside of this snow drift!

Stay warm!

Back to shoveling, dammit.

So many thoughts, so few good ideas. If that makes any sense at all.

In the meantime while i drink some wine put my thinking cap on enjoy some early blizzard pictures, too be updated later.

Living in Maryland I have learned that the slightest inclination of snow will cause mass panic. But, with our current “blizzard warning”  and prediction of 2 feet of snow by tomorrow night I suppose some concern may be legit .

Today, there have been many new terms coined for  this momentous precipitation-occasion.

A few of my fav’s are : The Snowtorious B.I.G., The Snowpocaplyse and Pandasnowdium.

Colt: LOVING the snow!

This was actually a picture that came with my laptop, but it fits the current situation.

Stay warm!

BY THE WAY…these pictures were cropped using my “snipping tool”, which I lovelovelove.  More on that later.

I would like to thank my good friend Liz Marie (#2) from TBOC for a few things….

1. Creating my B-E-A-U-TIFUL banner.  (I love love love it!!)

2. Erecting a blog post in my honor for my Birthday (I feel so lucky to share space with Oprah, Ellen and Rainn Wilson.  Go take a gander at TBOC to see what the hell I am talking about)

3. Just being generally awesome.

*Dziekuje=Thank you in Polish, Ms. Liz’s native language*

KINGSPORT, Tenn. – It was a Zinger of a theft in Tennessee.

It also included cupcakes, Twinkies and other snack cakes from the Merita Bread Company.

The Kingsport Times-News cites a report from the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office in reporting 34-year-old James M. Denoon and 18-year-old Anthony Stout were found hiding under a truck at the bakery late Friday night.

The deputies found about $300 worth of stolen snack cakes stacked on the ground nearby.

Finding the accused thieves was easy: The deputies only had to follow their footprints. There was more than an inch of snow on the ground by Friday night.

Denoon and Stout were charged with theft under $500 and two counts of auto burglary. It was not immediately clear if they had attorneys.

So, these guys were able to devise a plan to break into a bakery,but neglected to think about their exit strategy.  Maybe they thought it would be a piece of cake! (Sorry, I love puns and couldn’t resist)  BUT neither of these two gents seemed to realized that it was snowing and you leave TRACKS in the snow.  I have little to say about this other than lay off the cheeba a little bit guys!

*I am in no way condoning the stealing of munchies goods from bakerys, or anywhere for that matter*

So, Today is the big day.

Yes, that’s right groundhogs day.

Today is the day we find out if Spring will come early or we have six more weeks of winter.

Well of course this poor creature is going to see his shadow, your shining lights on him at dawn.

Now, I’m not going PETA on this or anything…I am just FED UP with this holiday, which coincidentally is also my date of birth.

PLEASE NOTE:  It’s extraordinarily annoying to be asked if I saw my shadow EVERY YEAR (Bill Murray I feel ya).

What the HELL do you think I saw?

Being born on a holiday sucks, but you know what’s worse, a non-federal holiday. You have to work on your birthday not to mention you are automatically associated with your given holi-date-of-birth.

Somehow lightening struck twice and my brother was born on Pearl Harbor Day (December 7th).  I think I will start asking him if he plans on bombing anything (besides Jager) to celebrate.

And you, St. Partick’s Day birthday people, I know your out there….where’s your Pot ‘O Gold Laddy?? Are you a leprechaun?

How do YOU like that??

Jumping OFF the soap box now and getting out the show shovel! 6 inches of snow foretasted for tonight, apparently there’s more winter coming our way.

(And what the hell is up with those outfits, those guys have got to be freezing!)

With my impending natal anniversary rapidly approaching I suppose I should create a birthday wish list.   I am in need of some new outfits, lucky for me I saw a few gems from Brazil’s fashion week that I could not pass up!

In no particular order I give you, THE LIST…

No, it’s not cold outside, those are my tusks.

(Ivory-free of course)

You Can look like a Toucan!

This is genius!

Who knew that a coaster could be an accessory!

This one is for D, so he can be stylin’ with me.

While at work I was perusing through to see whats going on in this wonderful world.   A few tragedies later I decide I have met my depressing news quota for the day.   I head to the “weird news” section, it never lets me down!

MSNBC LONDON – International hotel chain Holiday Inn is offering a trial human bed-warming service at three hotels in Britain this month.

If requested, a willing staff-member at two of the chain’s London hotels and one in the northern English city of Manchester will dress in an all-in-one fleece sleeper suit before slipping between the sheets.

“The new Holiday Inn bed warmers service is a bit like having a giant hot water bottle in your bed,” Holiday Inn spokeswoman Jane Bednall said in an e-mailed statement.

The bed-warmer is equipped with a thermometer to measure the bed’s required temperature of 20 degrees Celsius (68 Fahrenheit).

Holiday Inn said the warmer would be fully dressed and leave the bed before the guest occupied it. They could not confirm if the warmer would shower first, but said hair would be covered.

Florence Eavis, Holiday Inn spokeswoman told Reuters that the “innovative” bed-warming method was a response to Britain’s recent cold weather and marked the launch of 3,200 new Holiday Inns worldwide.

She could not explain why the beds were not being warmed by hot water bottles or electric-blankets, but admitted the human method was quirky.

Holiday Inn are promoting the service with the help of sleep-expert Chris Idzikowski, director of the Edinburgh Sleep Center, who said the idea could help people sleep.

“There’s plenty of scientific evidence to show that sleep starts at the beginning of the night when body temperature starts to drop,” he said. “A warm bed — approximately 20 to 24 Celsius — is a good way to start this process whereas a cold bed would inhibit sleep.”

So I have a few questions for the Holiday Inn regarding their new services.

1. Who’s idea was this? (He’s probably at home with his mom and 15 cats)

2. What qualifications must you have to be a warmer? (A little extra body fat, criminal background check, please?)

3. Why isn’t a Holiday Inn representative sure of the details of the whole warmer-cleanliness? (Not exactly selling the service honey!)

4. Do you have to pay extra? (Hotels charge you  if you pick up the bag of peanuts, then put them back without eating them.  You better believe that this costs something!)

5. Do you stay in your room while the warmer is “warming” and does said warmer roll around, lay still. Details people!!!

6. Can I purchase one of your warmer suits, I used to LOVE those footie PJ’s and I hate a cold bed.