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So, Today is the big day.

Yes, that’s right groundhogs day.

Today is the day we find out if Spring will come early or we have six more weeks of winter.

Well of course this poor creature is going to see his shadow, your shining lights on him at dawn.

Now, I’m not going PETA on this or anything…I am just FED UP with this holiday, which coincidentally is also my date of birth.

PLEASE NOTE:  It’s extraordinarily annoying to be asked if I saw my shadow EVERY YEAR (Bill Murray I feel ya).

What the HELL do you think I saw?

Being born on a holiday sucks, but you know what’s worse, a non-federal holiday. You have to work on your birthday not to mention you are automatically associated with your given holi-date-of-birth.

Somehow lightening struck twice and my brother was born on Pearl Harbor Day (December 7th).  I think I will start asking him if he plans on bombing anything (besides Jager) to celebrate.

And you, St. Partick’s Day birthday people, I know your out there….where’s your Pot ‘O Gold Laddy?? Are you a leprechaun?

How do YOU like that??

Jumping OFF the soap box now and getting out the show shovel! 6 inches of snow foretasted for tonight, apparently there’s more winter coming our way.

(And what the hell is up with those outfits, those guys have got to be freezing!)