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Since this was a particularly rough morning due to the time change, rainy weather and it just being Monday I needed a little chuckle.

Enter weird news- gets me every time!

What caught my eye was the headline:

Swiss designer creates dinosaur dung watch

Ummm, exxxcuse me??

Did you say dino dung?

I must read more!

GENEVA – A Swiss watchmaker is hoping to raise a stink with an expensive timepiece that eschews the trade’s standard gold, diamond or titanium fittings for a more earthy substance — dinosaur dung.

Vesenaz, Switzerland-based company Artya says the watch set in fossilized feces will sell for $11,290 and comes with a strap made with skin from an American cane toad.

Designer Yvan Arpa said Monday the coprolite came from a plant-eater that died about 100 million years ago in what is now the U.S.

What I really wanted to find out was how exactly this company acquired the dino defecation.

Sadly, the article did not divulge that information, but something that did peak my interest was the fact that the origin of the dung was none other than the USA.

I will be taking a closer look at rocks now, since they may be dinosaur shit.

I will however, be wearing gloves while examining potential “watch material”

What really shocked me was the people are going to be paying out the ass (pun intended) for this chronometer,

$11,290 to be exact!!!


Earlier this week I stumbled upon this test, it intrigued me because all you have to do is click on colors from your favorite to least favorite.

My kind of test!

(Why couldn’t physics tests have been like this??)

The Color Career Counselor

After doing a few sets of color selections it gives you results on what type of career you are suited for.

You don’t have to put in any info prior to starting the test!

I was shocked to find that the test was completely right!

The results suggested that I would be best suited for conducting reseasrch which is

EXACTLY what I do for a living!!

Give it a try, its super easy.

Let me know what your results are, I’m very curious to see if this is right for others.


I don’t know what it is but every two years I get bit by the Olympic bug, HARD.

Summer, winter… doesn’t matter- love ’em all!

Of course I have a few fav events, but seriously it’s so cool how you get to see sports that you would normally never see on TV.

Another pastime of mine is becoming and insta-expert on the sport de jour.

I mean, half the time the commentators don’t know what their talking about, or the things they say are completely unnecessary.

Example, curling.  WTF   This is the strangest sport, but it sucks me in EVERY TIME!

Still not exactly sure how it works… seems like shuffle board on ice. Objective: get the tea-kettle-looking thing onto the bulls eye while

“sweeping” the ice, yelling OK OK, HARD  HARD HARDDDD

I am still trying to figure out if they are wearing ice skates or some kind of special shoe, seems like magic?

Quite amusing!

Moguls. Now this shit is crazy, going down a double black diamond while going over snow humps all the while keeping your knee’s bent and core tight.  I’m not a snow sport kinda gal, but even if I was, helllllllll no.

Mucho respect for those athletes!!

I’m also enjoying watching the US of A kicking other country ass right now in preeeety much everything.

As of now, we are leading the medal race with 26 medals, Germany is trailing with 24… still a lot of Olympics left but I think we will be good to go.

One thing though, that is driving me nuts are those freaking commercials that say “this is what dreamworks thinks the olymipics would have looked like if they were 1000 years ago”

Seriously dreamworks, step it up a bit, those commericals are so stupid, but you did produce Kung Fu Panda- so I guess I shouldn’t set the bar too high.

Getting off soapbox now and turning on some Olympics.

GO USA!!!!!

Mustersoyduckney Sauce


1.  Sauce composed of mustard,soy sauce, duck sauce and honey.

2. The easiest sauce, ever.

3. A great way to use up the packets that you get with Chinese food.

So the plan for this evenings dinner was chicken breast tenderloins, but I wasn’t sure what type of sauce to use.

I opened the fridge for inspiration and it was sitting right there in the door of my fridge!

A few weeks ago we got Chinese take out and they were very generous with their sauce packets, so I saved them- I knew they would go to use somehow.

So I decide to combine the packets of soy sauce, duck sauce and mustard (after doing a taste test I decided to add some honey for sweetness)

Just stir the ingredients to your preference pour over chicken

(I definitely recommend taste testing as you go, soy has quite a bit of salt which can be overwhelming)

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I almost didn’t realize today was Wednesday due to our snow, somehow snow propels me into some kind of type warp.

Anyone else??

So D is a dedicated blog-reader to a sports-random news and ass-n-titties blog.

Recently he read about something called chat roulette.

(Anything with the word roulette gets my immediate attention)

This is a very simple concept, all you need is a webcam.

DISCLOSURE:  There are some sicko’s on there beating their meat, so watch out

So, during blizzard #1 we decided to try it out, since we had nothing better to do since we were stuck at home.

But we needed to make this interesting, so we decided it would be a great idea for D to wear his Halloween costume which was a Gumby suit!

This was the only screen shot that we were able to get, sadly.

The highlight of this conversation was when the little lady said her name was Liv, and Gumby asked her if that was short for livin it up.   Classic!

So if you are snowed in or have nothing to do, give it a try you will get a laugh!

So many thoughts, so few good ideas. If that makes any sense at all.

In the meantime while i drink some wine put my thinking cap on enjoy some early blizzard pictures, too be updated later.

Living in Maryland I have learned that the slightest inclination of snow will cause mass panic. But, with our current “blizzard warning”  and prediction of 2 feet of snow by tomorrow night I suppose some concern may be legit .

Today, there have been many new terms coined for  this momentous precipitation-occasion.

A few of my fav’s are : The Snowtorious B.I.G., The Snowpocaplyse and Pandasnowdium.

Colt: LOVING the snow!

This was actually a picture that came with my laptop, but it fits the current situation.

Stay warm!

BY THE WAY…these pictures were cropped using my “snipping tool”, which I lovelovelove.  More on that later.

I would like to thank my good friend Liz Marie (#2) from TBOC for a few things….

1. Creating my B-E-A-U-TIFUL banner.  (I love love love it!!)

2. Erecting a blog post in my honor for my Birthday (I feel so lucky to share space with Oprah, Ellen and Rainn Wilson.  Go take a gander at TBOC to see what the hell I am talking about)

3. Just being generally awesome.

*Dziekuje=Thank you in Polish, Ms. Liz’s native language*

KINGSPORT, Tenn. – It was a Zinger of a theft in Tennessee.

It also included cupcakes, Twinkies and other snack cakes from the Merita Bread Company.

The Kingsport Times-News cites a report from the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office in reporting 34-year-old James M. Denoon and 18-year-old Anthony Stout were found hiding under a truck at the bakery late Friday night.

The deputies found about $300 worth of stolen snack cakes stacked on the ground nearby.

Finding the accused thieves was easy: The deputies only had to follow their footprints. There was more than an inch of snow on the ground by Friday night.

Denoon and Stout were charged with theft under $500 and two counts of auto burglary. It was not immediately clear if they had attorneys.

So, these guys were able to devise a plan to break into a bakery,but neglected to think about their exit strategy.  Maybe they thought it would be a piece of cake! (Sorry, I love puns and couldn’t resist)  BUT neither of these two gents seemed to realized that it was snowing and you leave TRACKS in the snow.  I have little to say about this other than lay off the cheeba a little bit guys!

*I am in no way condoning the stealing of munchies goods from bakerys, or anywhere for that matter*

So, Today is the big day.

Yes, that’s right groundhogs day.

Today is the day we find out if Spring will come early or we have six more weeks of winter.

Well of course this poor creature is going to see his shadow, your shining lights on him at dawn.

Now, I’m not going PETA on this or anything…I am just FED UP with this holiday, which coincidentally is also my date of birth.

PLEASE NOTE:  It’s extraordinarily annoying to be asked if I saw my shadow EVERY YEAR (Bill Murray I feel ya).

What the HELL do you think I saw?

Being born on a holiday sucks, but you know what’s worse, a non-federal holiday. You have to work on your birthday not to mention you are automatically associated with your given holi-date-of-birth.

Somehow lightening struck twice and my brother was born on Pearl Harbor Day (December 7th).  I think I will start asking him if he plans on bombing anything (besides Jager) to celebrate.

And you, St. Partick’s Day birthday people, I know your out there….where’s your Pot ‘O Gold Laddy?? Are you a leprechaun?

How do YOU like that??

Jumping OFF the soap box now and getting out the show shovel! 6 inches of snow foretasted for tonight, apparently there’s more winter coming our way.

(And what the hell is up with those outfits, those guys have got to be freezing!)

With my impending natal anniversary rapidly approaching I suppose I should create a birthday wish list.   I am in need of some new outfits, lucky for me I saw a few gems from Brazil’s fashion week that I could not pass up!

In no particular order I give you, THE LIST…

No, it’s not cold outside, those are my tusks.

(Ivory-free of course)

You Can look like a Toucan!

This is genius!

Who knew that a coaster could be an accessory!

This one is for D, so he can be stylin’ with me.