I’m Liz as if that wasn’t completely obvious already.

I am recent college grad with a B.S. in Exercise Science  (How long can I use recent?  I graduated May of ’08)

I’m a homeowner and a very proud dog-momma.

I’m intrigued by random new stories.

I enjoy tips that make life easier.

I love playing games!

I like cooking, but I think i like reading and learning about cooking ever more.

I was born on groundhogs day (insert joke here) but for the LOVE, please don’t ask me if I saw my shadow, I’d like to strangle you with it- if that was possible!

I made a lot of new year’s “goals” for 2010, this blog being one of them.  Using the word resolution just sets you up, goals are a little less low pressure.

Another goal was to be more “green” – Still a work in progress.

I will share more as I go- Don’t want to let all the cat’s out of the bag too early!