I don’t know what it is but every two years I get bit by the Olympic bug, HARD.

Summer, winter… doesn’t matter- love ’em all!

Of course I have a few fav events, but seriously it’s so cool how you get to see sports that you would normally never see on TV.

Another pastime of mine is becoming and insta-expert on the sport de jour.

I mean, half the time the commentators don’t know what their talking about, or the things they say are completely unnecessary.

Example, curling.  WTF   This is the strangest sport, but it sucks me in EVERY TIME!

Still not exactly sure how it works… seems like shuffle board on ice. Objective: get the tea-kettle-looking thing onto the bulls eye while

“sweeping” the ice, yelling OK OK, HARD  HARD HARDDDD

I am still trying to figure out if they are wearing ice skates or some kind of special shoe, seems like magic?

Quite amusing!

Moguls. Now this shit is crazy, going down a double black diamond while going over snow humps all the while keeping your knee’s bent and core tight.  I’m not a snow sport kinda gal, but even if I was, helllllllll no.

Mucho respect for those athletes!!

I’m also enjoying watching the US of A kicking other country ass right now in preeeety much everything.

As of now, we are leading the medal race with 26 medals, Germany is trailing with 24… still a lot of Olympics left but I think we will be good to go.

One thing though, that is driving me nuts are those freaking commercials that say “this is what dreamworks thinks the olymipics would have looked like if they were 1000 years ago”

Seriously dreamworks, step it up a bit, those commericals are so stupid, but you did produce Kung Fu Panda- so I guess I shouldn’t set the bar too high.

Getting off soapbox now and turning on some Olympics.

GO USA!!!!!