Well, my intention was NOT for this blog to be a rant and rave type thing.  That said, in D’s words, you couldn’t make this shit up! So, a little background…  My boyfriend D is a computer whisperer, you F it up, he can fix it, basically he cures computer cancer.  Anyway a friend of his royally F’ed up his laptop (stupid vista). So in a exchange for his services he gifted us a pair of Club seats and a parking pass for last nights Wizards game.  We were really looking forward to going, which helped us get through our crazy work days that included me getting a new id badge where i look like a serial killer, at best (but that’s a story for another day)

So, on to the story!  We get home from work, played with our dog for a bit, rushed to get ready, then hit the road.  Everything is going great, were in good moods ready to get our drink on watch the game, were also looking forward to out maiden voyage using D’s Tom Tom iphone app.  En route on Rt. 50 we feel like we run over something, subsequently hearing a disturbing noise.  Praying the trucks flying by are the culprits, we keep driving for a bit.  I think we both knew what happened, but were reallllly hoping that it didn’t. Yep! Blowout!  Grrrraaaatttte.  So it’s about 40 degrees outside and dark, wonderful tire changing weather.  Fortunately for us, D is not only a computer whisperer but a former goodyear employee.  This man knows how to change a tire.  He knows a lot of things about  a lot of things.  Not phased by our plight he jumps in and starts trying to get spare out from under the vehicle, who knew that there was a spare in there, not I.    So after some struggle, spare is off, the hard part is done.   Or so we thought… had a wee bit of trouble getting the truck jacked up, cold hands don’t help.  [by the way, the keys are still in the ignition, I turned off the truck but didn’t remove the keys  ooops, I was so cold from holding our flashlight, I was apparently not thinking]  So were on the side of a major highway cars zoooming by, a nice state trooper stops by to see “If were making any progress”, by law he must check our licenses and registration, no biggie.  By the way,this was the first time D was wearing  his BRAND NEW white nikes (my suggestion, whooops) lets just say they are “broken in” now, completely muddy and side of the road disgusting. Back to the story…  Everything checks out fine and he sets out flares for us.  Gives us back our stuff and shortly after a state highway administration tow truck arrives, he makes sure were good to go and he gets another call and head out, D was tightening the lug nuts so were minutes from getting back on the road. Or so we though.  Remember the keys in the ignition thing, yeah, you guessed it the M-F’ing battery died.  Also at this point the registration is no where to be found.   He calls for help via tomtom and he talks to an operator, who talks to the cop, no registration.   Well we need a jump so they send out a state highway administration vehicle (thanks tax dollars), fortunately it was the same tow truck guy that had just left.  We get a jump and we are off.  So at this point the friend who we are meeting at the game thinks that we are probably blowing them off as its the start of the 3rd quarter of the game, luckily we didn’t miss much, the Wiz=not so good.   They suggest going out in Annapolis as we are approaching the DC line so we decided to meet them and then coordinate plans from there.  So the wizards play in the VERIZON center well guess what, no FREAKING cell service, imagine that.  After much struggle I get about half a bar of service and our friends leave the game and meet us.  We head to Capitol City Brewery where our waiter had quite the resemblance to the butler from Mr. Deeds (iamveryverysneaky)After having a few drinks we decide to head to Annapolis, since the night is still young.  Driving in our nations capitol is an experience, always.  Last night was no different, were following our friend who gets cut off and has to SLAM on his breaks, we miss rear-ending him by maybe an inch.  Finally we get back on good ‘ole 50 and head to Annapolis.   Well D has to pee, but there is no way were stopping, were about 30 minutes away from our destination, not gonna make it.   So luckily we have a water bottle in the car.  You put the pieces together, driving on the highway, peeing in a bottle, not a drop spilled.  We got skills.  We get downtown head to a bar that is so packed, its ridiculous but we had fun nonetheless.   We head back home to our dog, thankfully we had a drama-free ride home and make it back safe and sound.     Ohhh what a night!